Small Group Training

Small Group Training can help you lose weight, get stronger and have more energy. Working out with other people is not only more motivating, it is scientifically proven to make you happier!

We combine the personal attention of one-on-one training with the dynamics of working out in a group. Training programs are customized to the individual client's goals and fitness level, but training with a group is more affordable and brings an energy all its own!

You'll feel like you're getting a one-on-one session while sharing it with a few other friendly, supportive people.

As a Small Group client, your workout matches your body, based off of your initial Movement Screen. Your trainer will demonstrate the exercises in your program and then oversee each participant to provide guidance and feedback.

We track your progress each week and update your program when you're ready for a new challenge! All Small Group Training clients also receive Accountability Coaching for healthy lifestyle habits if desired.

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